Outpatient vs Inpatient Healthcare Linen Service Needs

September 30, 2022 by Nixon Medical

The healthcare industry loves to break things down into categories; from medical jargon that defines and divides the body and its organs to specialists who only practice certain kinds of medicine, they even categorize healthcare facilities and how they operate. The average person may not be familiar with these distinctions, thinking of all healthcare as similar and falling under one large umbrella category, but these separations play a major role in patient care, notably if a medical facility is outpatient or inpatient.

When it comes to the difference between outpatient and inpatient facilities, outpatient care is often associated with convenience, focusing on safety and comfort for both patients and staff in the short-term. That means outpatient facilities have very specific needs when it comes to their medical apparel and linens. Choosing a medical laundry service that specializes in outpatient care can make life much easier for office managers and clinicians.

Let’s discuss outpatient vs inpatient healthcare and why specialized linen services are a game changer.

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Switching Vendors 101: Don’t Settle for a Subpar Medical Laundry Service

August 29, 2022 by Nixon Medical

As an outpatient office manager, you rely on your medical laundry service to provide freshly laundered medical linens and apparel. Your office requires the proper inventory levels to operate throughout the week and serve patients with the utmost safety, comfort, and professionalism. With a busy medical staff and steady patient volume, you can’t afford to have an inconsistent medical laundry service.

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Effective Medical Linen Inventory Management Techniques

August 18, 2022 by Nixon Medical

Medical offices and outpatient centers depend on accurate and available medical linens and apparel inventory to effectively see and treat patients. Inventory management for these critical textiles is paramount to delivering safe, timely, and comfortable care. But for busy office managers, healthcare inventory management can be tedious and time-consuming without the proper tools or support.

Fortunately, more advanced medical linen inventory management systems and solutions can automate these once-manual processes. From expert inventory management to advanced tracking systems and dashboards, you can rest assured that your clinicians and patients will always be equipped with the medical linens and apparel they need on any given day.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to level up your linen inventory management strategy and how outsourcing inventory management can alleviate the burden.

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3 Ways to Manage Medical Waste Sustainability | Nixon Medical

July 22, 2022 by Nixon Medical

As an office manager overseeing the operations of an outpatient practice, you’re aware of the high volume of waste that medical offices produce throughout the business week. These days, in the state of our global environmental climate, it’s vital to prioritize sustainability in healthcare. Did you know the healthcare industry is one of the planet’s largest producers of single-use waste?

Fostering medical waste sustainability is a proactive way to reduce environmental harm. One way to accomplish this is by considering a medical linen provider that can assist your outpatient office with sustainable practices, such as offering reusable linens. Learn more about reusable textiles and other practical solutions for hospital sustainability that your organization can implement right away.


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Switching Medical Linen Services is Easy | Nixon Medical

July 11, 2022 by Nixon Medical

Patients appreciate outpatient care options because of the convenience they offer. When running an outpatient medical office, your priority is keeping patients and staff safe and comfortable throughout the day. Medical linens play a considerable role in the comfort of patients and clinicians and are also necessary for a smooth operation. Knowing this, you want to ensure you’re working with the best.

In a perfect world, every outpatient medical practice would have a medical laundry service that supplements the outpatient medical experience. However, it’s more common for outpatient managers to be frustrated by their medical linen service than you might think. Some reasons for this include:

  • Poor communication and service
  • Paying for unused product
  • Strict agreements
  • Mismanaged or lost inventory
  • Taking up too much staff time

If you can relate to any of these frustrations, it may be time to consider switching vendors. Luckily, switching medical linen services has never been easier. Here are some ways we make it easy and worth your while to switch to Nixon Medical for medical apparel and linen services.


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What the Growing Texas Market Means For Medical Linens

June 17, 2022 by Nixon Medical

Did you know Texas has more than 430 ambulatory surgery centers with an estimated combined economic impact of nearly $1.7 billion? It also has the second-largest population among US states, with almost 30 million residents, and continues to grow. In response to these upward trends, hospitals and health systems have built new facilities throughout the state at a significant rate. Currently, eight of the 25 largest employers in Texas are either hospitals or research facilities.1

So, what does all of this mean? More ambulatory surgery centers and outpatient healthcare facilities need to partner with medical apparel and linen service specialists to meet heightened demands—and local access to medical apparel, linen, and laundry services is vital for these healthcare providers to maintain their operations and deliver quality patient care.

Nixon Medical recently expanded its service area to San Antonio, Texas, to provide these outpatient healthcare centers with the necessary supplies and services. This blog discusses the benefits our medical linen and apparel service can provide to the rapidly growing Texas healthcare market.


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Top FAQs: Medical Linen Rental Questions to Ask Nixon Medical

June 2, 2022 by Nixon Medical

So, you’re considering a new medical apparel and linens vendor for your outpatient center? At Nixon Medical, we understand the mission-critical role that your medical apparel and linens vendor has on the day-to-day operations of your outpatient center.

Managing a medical office has many moving parts—and your medical apparel and linens vendor should make managing those parts easier, not harder. For example, your office shouldn’t pay for unused products, be beholden to inflexible agreements, take on extra work, or worry about lost or missing linens. If you've experienced any of these scenarios, it’s likely time to consider switching vendors.

There are many medical linen companies to choose from—but not all are created equal! We know a thing or two about the medical linen and apparel rental business; after all, we’ve been serving healthcare offices for over fifty years. Keep reading for some of the top FAQs we get asked by outpatient centers’ considering a switch to our medical apparel and linen services and programs.

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Lab Coat Rental Program Benefits You Never Knew About

May 4, 2022 by Nixon Medical

Modern healthcare providers face many challenges in providing patients and practitioners with healthy, safe experiences. Ongoing waves of illness and the time and energy it takes to manage and maintain medical laundry operations are too much for many medical centers to handle alone. Fortunately, specialized service providers like Nixon Medical provide lab coat rental services that not only relieve the pressures of the modern healthcare landscape but also offer several benefits outpatient centers increasingly rely on to streamline operations, reduce costs, elevate the professionalism of their brand, and more.

Read through our lab coat rental program benefits you never knew about to learn how this convenient, cost-effective, customizable solution can lead to better patient and practitioner experiences.

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7 Scrub Rental Service Benefits for Medical Organizations

April 1, 2022 by Nixon Medical

In an effort to serve the overwhelming waves of patients throughout the pandemic, healthcare and medical organizations increasingly look to outsource their medical uniform inventory management operations through scrub rental programs that handle delivery, pickup, and laundering. 

Since the pandemic began, leading uniform service companies have cited a significant rise in the adoption of managed uniform programs, particularly in the healthcare industry. Businesses that hadn’t previously considered outsourcing their medical linens are rapidly welcoming the concept, as in-house scrub and medical linen processing capacity becomes impossible to maintain.

Are you considering outsourcing your medical linens with a scrub rental service? You should know a few things first. Follow along as we cover the basics of scrub rental programs and the 7 benefits it brings to medical organizations.

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What Patient Gowns Are Right for Your Healthcare Facility?

February 21, 2022 by Nixon Medical

Think all patient exam gowns are created equal? Think again.

Patient gowns come in a wide variety of styles and materials that serve distinct purposes. There are gowns that provide access to specific areas of the body, and there are gowns that protect against bodily fluids. Other gowns exist to fit children or larger patients, as well as budget constraints and processes.

Outpatient practices, such as imaging, women’s health, or pediatrics, will have different needs than inpatient centers and hospitals. And what’s more, clinicians require different gowns than their patients.

Use this guide to understand the attributes and use cases of different patient gowns.

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